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5 Questions with Jennifer Demchuk, Research Manager

  What sparked your interest in working in the HIV or hepatitis C community? Throughout nearly two decades of work with social justice issues and organizations, there have been strands of HIV and hepatitis C advocacy woven through my experience both personally and professionally. I had a basic understanding of some of the ongoing challenges… Read more »

Are you a community researcher or peer researcher living with HIV? We are conducting focus groups to better understand how COVID-19 has impacted your life and community-based research (CBR) employment experiences. We want to hear from people whose employment as peer researchers has been positively or negatively impacted, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic…. Read more »

Five Questions with Anna Mertens, Evaluation Coordinator

Anna Mertens joined the PAN Evaluation Team in early 2022 after she volunteered with us on a project. Before joining PAN, she worked in Montreal’s HIV community for seven years at ACCM. She brings her experience coordinating and evaluating an online sexual health program. Anna also brings the evaluation and research experience she gained through… Read more »

Introducing Personal Experiences of Stigma Survey

The Personal Experiences of Stigma Survey has been a result of almost 2 years of work by a group of PAN partners, allies and community members who are working on stigma reduction across different fields. This working group emerged from conversations between PAN and the Community Action Initiative (CAI) about the potential benefits of having… Read more »

The Year in Review, 2020-21

  Message from PAN Leadership   The theme of this year’s PAN annual report is Doubling Down in Dual Public Health Emergencies.  When talking about the theme for this year’s report and our upcoming AGM. (Register now), we wanted to convey both the challenges facing our sector and communities, but also the strength and resilience of the… Read more »

  Over the past few years, there has been a shift towards system change approaches in evaluation. Evaluators are now speaking of “Blue Marble evaluation.” But what is it? This blog post will provide a brief answer to that question. Coined by Michael Quinn Patton, the concept of “Blue Marble evaluation” comes from the photo… Read more »

Measuring Impact of Advocacy – Part 2

As we covered in Part 1 of this two-part blog, advocacy is dynamic and not linear. No matter how clearly an organization articulates a pathway to a desired long-term policy change goal, it would be virtually impossible to name, predict or explain all the variables that might be important within that change process. This unpredictability… Read more »

Advocacy evaluation is a growing field of evaluation that seeks to capture a lot of the work that often remains unaccounted for, despite its importance for promoting equity and social justice. The theme of this year’s Canadian Evaluation Society Conference focused on ‌evaluation‌ ‌utilization. How do we make sure that ‌we not only use evaluation… Read more »

Participatory Evaluation Whiteboard Video

In this short video, we will provide you with an overview of participatory evaluation, describing briefly what it is and offering a few useful tips and tools for conducting participatory evaluation projects. In addition to discussing the principles of participatory evaluation, we will also provide an example of a participatory evaluation project and discuss our… Read more »

At the beginning of May PAN will be launching a new way to explore research and evaluation in what we are affectionately calling the Treehouse, where we will provide research and evaluation inspiration and capacity-building products for you and your team PAN’s team actively works on both research studies and evaluation projects and we have… Read more »

Are you a researcher or practitioner working on program design or evaluation? Would you like a better understanding of Systematic Reviews? Are you interested in Implementation Science? Join the MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital for their workshop: The role of systematic reviews in intervention research. The event is free and… Read more »

The AHA Centre at Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN), is pleased to share a “soft launch” of  Volume 11 of the Journal of Indigenous HIV Research (JIHR). Volume 11’s theme is “Navigating Allyship: What does it mean to work together in service to the community?” and represents a partnership between the AHA Centre and the… Read more »