Community-Based Research Resources


Community-based research (CBR) is a collaborative process from start to finish. CBR is a practice that places community partnerships at the forefront, and is marked by the principles of collaboration, positive social change and inclusion.

For a great overview on what CBR is please check out the Universities Without Walls — CBR 101 Modules these are e-learning modules covering things like: What is CBR; Ethics Review; Informed Consent; and Grant Writing.

These resources provide information on the various stages of community-based research, from partnership building to knowledge translation. Like CBR itself, it is a work in process.



PAN’s Research and Evaluation Treehouse: here we share resources that can be helpful for both evaluation and research. Building on the tree metaphor – the Treehouse sits on the limbs between both the Research and the Evaluation Tree and provides a space for us to come together to learn and build our capacity in both of these areas.

CBR Musings blog: ongoing information about our CBR projects and resources in the community.


CBR Toolkit:


Important Institutes or Organizations involved in HIV CBR include:



Rethinking ASOs: Responding to the end of AIDS Exceptionalism through East-West Collaboration. Rethinking ASOs was a CBR project to explore the impact and direction of the end of “AIDS exceptionalism” and changing roles of service organizations.

K2A2013 Conference Report  Knowledge to Action: Strategic Directions for
Community-Based Research

CBR Workshop Report 2011: Looking Forward, Standing Together: A Provincial Strategy for Community-Based Research in BC