Membership Application


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of PAN. Our member groups contribute to the vibrant community of HIV, hepatitis C and harm reduction services and support in British Columbia.


Who can apply?

The following Bylaw describes what organization may be accepted as a member, the role of the Board of Directors in endorsing applications, and the process:

(Bylaw 5) Any British Columbia incorporated non-profit organization subscribing to the mission, purposes and bylaws of the society; having HIV, hepatitis C and/or related programming as part of their operations; and meeting such other criteria as may be adopted by the directors from time to time; may apply for membership in the society. The application will be assessed by the directors who will give a recommendation to the members, and, upon acceptance by ordinary resolution of the members, the applicant shall become a member.


Application Process

  • Any British Columbia incorporated non-profit organization that is interested in becoming a member organization of PAN must complete an Application for Membership and submit it to the PAN Executive Director (ED) or their designated alternate (Executive Administrator) no less than 30 days prior to an AGM.
  • The PAN ED or their designate will work with applicants to ensure that all information provided on the application is complete and accurate before it is brought forward to the board and, if endorsed, to the membership at the AGM.
  • The board will review all applications for membership and make a determination as to whether or not to endorse the application, and if endorsed, bring it to the membership at the AGM.

If accepted member organizations are responsible for selecting two PAN delegates to attend/participate in the AGM. At least one delegate from each member organization must be a person with lived/living experience(s) (PWLLE) of HIV, hepatitis C, and related communicable diseases and conditions. Each member is responsible for determining their voting delegate at the AGM (one agency, one vote).

For more information read PAN’s Membership criteria, policies and procedures.

If you have any questions about this membership application, please contact Simon Goff, PAN’s Executive Assistant, at [email protected].


Contact Information for organization


Further information about your organization (and/or project/program):

Please answer the following questions as completely as possible. This will allow the Board to make a determination as to whether it will bring forward the application at the next Annual General Meeting.
1. My organization is working to address the HIV, hepatitis C and/or related epidemics in BC(Required)
3. My organization is an incorporated non-profit society in the province of BC(Required)
4. My organization provides or delivers HIV, hepatitis C and/or related programming(Required)
These programs and services are based in the following Health Region(s), or have provincial scope(Required)
5. Please review PAN’s Constitution and Bylaws.
My organization upholds, and will comply with, PAN’s Constitution and Bylaws (including the purposes of the society).(Required)
6. My organization has care, prevention, treatment, support, education, advocacy, reduction of vulnerability and/or harm reduction in relation to HIV and/or hepatitis C infection and/or related communicable diseases and conditions, as one of its goals(Required)
7. My organization is committed to the inclusive, meaningful involvement and engagement of people with lived/living experience(s) (PWLLE) of HIV, hepatitis C, and related communicable diseases and conditions(Required)
8. Please review PAN’s Group Guidelines and Responsibilities.
My organization agrees to abide by PAN’s Group Guidelines and Responsibilities.(Required)

Sponsoring Organization

Please list the existing PAN member organization that has agreed to sponsor this application, their contact person and email.


By signing this form, I attest to the following: 1)That all information provided is true; 2) I have read PAN’s Constitution and Bylaws; 3) That I am authorized to complete this membership application (i.e. Board Chair, Executive Director) on behalf of my organization or project/program.