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Administrative Office

The quickest way to reach us is by using email; see the directory at the bottom of the page.

For surface mail, our address is: 603 – 402 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC.   V6B 1T6

Phone: 604.569.1998 (voicemail. Please see staff listings below to contact individuals.)

Image: Kootenay River Near Floe Lake, Peter Burka

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PAN Staff

PAN Board of Directors

  • Co-Chair: Katrina Jensen

    Katrina Jensen

    Vancouver Island Health Authority region

  • Co-Chair: Patrick McDougall

    Patrick McDougall

    Provincial Health Services Authority region

  • Treasurer: Kim Stacey

    Kim Stacey

    Vancouver Coastal Health Authority region

  • Secretary: Wendy Stevens

    Wendy Stevens

    PLHIV/PWLE seat

  • Executive Director (standing invitee): Jennifer Evin Jones

    Jennifer Evin Jones

    Email: [email protected]

  • Angela Carter

    Northern Health Authority region

  • Lucy Duncan

    First Nations Health Authority region

  • Bob Hughes

    Interior Health Authority region

  • Keir MacDonald

    Fraser Health Authority region

  • Jenny McDougall

    PLHIV/PWLE seat

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