Educators’ Roundtable: Promoting Effective STBBI, HIV, Hepatitis C and Harm Reduction Education with Indigenous People of BC

Thanks to all who gathered, shared their work and perspectives at the Educators’ Roundtable: Promoting Effective STBBI, HIV, Hepatitis C and Harm Reduction Education with Indigenous People of BC.


The Roundtable was held Tuesday March 23 – Thursday March 25, 2021. Most people were from BC, though we welcomed  some from other parts of Canada as well.

About the Educators’ Roundtable 

The Roundtable was the virtual adaptation of the Educators’ Forum, an annual event for new and experienced community-based educators, health promotion workers, and harm reduction workers working in HIV, hepatitis C, and harm reduction in both substance use and sexuality. Each year we gather to share and promote culturally safe and effective STBBI, HIV, Hepatitis C and harm reduction education. The programs feature a mix of cultural education and practical skills building.


Building Community Virtually

We asked that everyone come committed to create the kind of connections that happen at the face to face Educators’ Forum, which has always been an event where people talk about the meaningful relationships that develop as people share their work and learning. We gathered on Zoom, and used both large group discussions and small groups in breakout rooms to introduce and support attendees.



The upside to gathering virtually is that some of the program was recorded for on-demand viewing. On-demand sessions are marked with an * and are on this page following the program outline. To respect the unique community Roundtable participants created, not all program sessions are available.

We’d like to acknowledge Amanda Tallio, Daniel Sands, Alexis Hekker and Shelley Taylor for their assistance with helping to build the program. Their experience and knowledge with community-based work was a guiding star.

Full program and presenter biographies.


Day 1

Welcome, opening and territory acknowledgement with Aaron Nelson Moody
Small group discussions
Awakening Connections. Presenter: Melanie Rivers, Indigenous mixed media artist, instructor, and Expressive Arts Therapist from the Squamish First Nation. This was not recorded, to respect the unique creativity of its shared time and space. 
Large group check in


Day 2 

Practical tools and tips for providing workshops in an online format.*

Presenters: Rachel MacLean, Canadian Public Health Association and Becky van Tassel, Centre for Sexuality.

Small group discussions
Health Promotion that Connects – a panel discussion*Moderator: Andrea Medley, Vancouver Coastal Health. Panelists: Heather Paddison, Positive Living North; Jessy Dame, CBRC, Milo Offerein-Alder, ANKORS.
Large group check in


Day 3 

Healing Inner Voices film Screening, followed by a Talking Circle* with the film’s creator, Martin Morberg, and some of the film participants: Flo Ranville, Aaron Jackson and Val Nicholson. Learn more about the film and watch a trailer.
Small group discussions
Relationship with Substance* with Marnie Scow, Indigenous Overdose Response Consultant at Community Action Initiative.
Thanks and closing



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“Through the lived experiences and voices of eight Indigenous people living with HIV, this poetic short documentary combines storytelling and the healing power of Indigenous culture to reflect on the realities of stigma and discrimination for Indigenous people.” (from film’s site page- learn more about the film and watch a trailer).

The Talking Circle took place after people viewed the film Healing Inner Voices, so we recognize that some of this discussion might be confusing for those who haven’t seen the film. 

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For more information about this and other capacity building events we offer, please reach out.

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Director of Capacity Building Initiatives

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We greatly appreciate the vision of our government funders and their ongoing commitment to supporting the work of PAN. In particular we gratefully acknowledge the Public Health Agency of Canada – HIV and Hepatitis C Community Action Fund. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.