Hepatitis C Leadership Pilot Program Training


One thing leads to another….

The Hepatitis C Leadership Pilot Program Training was delivered live online in July 2021, and has led to the development of the ongoing Explorations in Leadership for People with Lived Experience of Hepatitis C.

The pilot program was peer-informed and developed to foster leadership that begins in the heart, is rooted in empowerment, and strives to meet people where they’re at. This program was for people with lived experience of hepatitis C who wanted to embark on a leadership journey.

Over the course of the pilot training, program participants were able to:

  1. Discover leadership through connection, learning, and exploration
  2. Strengthen leadership skills that support personal, peer, and community empowerment
  3. Gain hepatitis C history, community knowledge and awareness
  4. Develop peer relationships for community building

The program curriculum provided an interactive participant experience that combines learning material, individual exercises, group activities, peer discussion, and take-home resources.

Following the pilot training, graduates of the course shared their voices and experiences in building an online version of the training: Explorations in Leadership for People with Lived Experience of Hepatitis C. Some program participants may choose to focus their leadership development on self-care, others on their work or local community involvement, and perhaps others on advocacy and hepatitis C elimination efforts.  This self-paced course provides learners with reflections and resources from people who have been where they are at: taking next steps and creating community. Check it out.


Tips for getting the most out of the training

  • Access to a computer that is located in a quiet, private space
  • Access to things that will make your participation experience more engaging such as comfortable seating, food and beverages
  • Bring an open mind and willingness to help build community leadership spirit