Meet the People at PAN: 5 Question Challenge

Front from left: Joanna, Evin, Simon, Janice. Back from left: Janet, Jennifer, Paul, Marc, Stacy, Anna, September 2022.

Members of the PAN staff team bring their individual strengths and experiences to the work. There are varied  reasons that brought us to PAN and drive us to bring the best to the communities we support.

A few years ago, we started asking team members to respond to 5 questions in a blog about themselves so our member groups and other team members could get to know them a little better. Now we challenge people with it when they start. We focus on serious and fun in the questions; you never know what you’ll hear. Scroll down to get to know us a little better!

Training and Leadership

Janet, Stacy, and Marc, September 2022.


Stacy Leblanc, Director of Program Development (blog published 2016)


Janet Madsen, Capacity Building and Knowledge Translation Coordinator (blog published 2017)


Marc Seguin, Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) Manager (blog published 2019)


Cora Lee Garcia, Indigenous Programming Coordinator (blog published 2022)







Research and Evaluation

Joanna, Paul, Janice, Jennifer, Anna, September 2022

Janice Duddy, Director of Evaluation and Community-Based Research (blog published 2015)

Paul Kerber, Evaluation Coordinator (blog published 2017)

Joanna Mendell, Co-Director of Research and Evaluation (blog published 2019)

Michelle Stewart, PRA, Making it Work Project (blog published 2020)

Edi Young, PRA, Making it Work Project (blog published 2021)

Anna Mertens, Evaluation Coordinator (blog published 2022)

Jennifer Demchuk, Research Manager (blog published 2022)

Hermione Jefferis, PRA, Making it Work Project (blog published 2022)

Alicia Koback, PRA, Making it Work Project (blog published 2022)

Courtney Tizya, Research Trainee, Making it Work Project (blog published 2022)



Advocacy and Administration

Simon and Evin, September 2022


Jennifer Evin Jones, Executive Director (blog published 2017)


Simon Goff, Executive Assistant and Collective Impact Coordinator (blog published 2017)


Staff Contact Information