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Thanks for your interest in joining the Board of Directors. Please complete this online form. Please consult our Privacy Policy and Procedures if you have questions about how this information will be used.

If you prefer to complete your application offline, you can download form, complete and send a printable version of the PAN Board Application and a written statement or resume, summarizing your relevant qualifications and experience, to Simon Goff, PAN’s Executive Assistant

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In order to join the PAN board of directors, you have to be associated with a PAN member organization. One of PAN’s expectations of our members states “Recommend candidates for the PAN Board of Directors and support their engagement at the board level (particularly for PWLLE).”
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If you don't upload an endorsement, we will contact the PAN Member organization. Please supply the details of the staff member or volunteer (Executive Director, Program Manager, Board Chair or equivalent) who can confirm the support of the PAN member organization:
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Much of the work of the PAN board happens virtually. I have access to a computer and internet for all meetings and preparation:(Required)


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