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Introduction to Program Evaluation

The second in a series of posts of Program Evaluation training resources developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  This week’s post is an Introduction to Program Evaluation, a module that guides people through the basics of program evaluation.  To view the module, please click here. Please also find a link to the module… Read more »

Program Evaluation Toolkit

The Public Health Agency of Canada has developed a series of tools and resources for program evaluation in public health based on recommendations from a working group of Ontario’s Ministry of Health.  Check back here in the coming weeks for more posts about some of these resources, as well as on our Resources page. To… Read more »

History of Program Evaluation

Scanning through the pages on the web, I came across this interesting article out of York University on the history of program evaluation according to Ian Greene.  It gives a great overview of where the evaluation came from in Canada, where it can go from here, and what lessons can be learned. To read the… Read more »

The Importance of Evaluation

*This article is being shared with permission from the author, Bill Freeman Many people think of evaluation as taking a snapshot of outcomes at the end of a program to prove to a funder that the program worked. Some people don’t hold evaluation in much regard; they believe they are getting too little information too… Read more »

Guest Blog: Kylie Hutchinson – Consultant

My name is Kylie Hutchinson.  I work within the field of evaluation as a consultant, trainer, and coach.  For seven years I taught the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Essential Skills Series in BC, and I Twitter occasionally on evaluation related topics at @EvaluationMaven.  I’m also the author of the original Outcomes for BC Working Group needs… Read more »

Busting Some Evaluation Myths

When people think of “evaluation” they imagine endless paperwork ending in boring reports.  Horrible, right?   I believe that evaluation can be a lot more satisfying for everyone involved.  Evaluation CAN (and often SHOULD) BE: A systematic approach to answering questions about a program or project that takes into account values and judgment about success A… Read more »