Virtual Event Series: Gender Construct and Continuumn

Virtual Training January 25 and February 1, 2023

9 AM to 2 PM Pacific time each day


As part of our KnowledgeConnect skills building education series, we look forward to seeing you in this event that will explore gender construction and the gender continuum. There will be 3 featured sessions on January 25 and 3 featured sessions on February 1, 2023. Each day will have time for community connection and discussion, and be paced for balancing your work days: we’ll start at 9 AM and finish by 2 PM Pacific time.




The program is in development, but so far we can tell you that we plan to dive into toxic masculinity; how racism and gender identity intersect; trans activism, and other sessions. These will help us understand more about gender identity and how to build supportive community services.

Details to follow as sessions are confirmed. You can save your spot by registering now. 


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