Members’ and Allies’ Surveys


The work we do at PAN is community driven and evidence-informed. We begin with community-identified needs, follow with carefully considered data, and deliver results for community development, skills building and action.

This process reflects four of our key values:

Accountability and Stewardship, both to our members and allies. As this value states, we aim to uphold the highest level of professional integrity, including transparency, timely reporting, and the best use of our resources to achieve PAN’S goals.

Knowledge-driven, using and promoting a diverse range of data and information including relevant research, evaluation, and community-based knowledge to support decision-making and planning, and improve policies, practices, and programs for our organization, our members, and the people our members serve.

Collaboration and Partnership, to support and strengthen member organizations to deliver the best possible services.

Member-Driven, PAN’s strength is in its members. As a network we call on our members to be actively engaged in moving forward the vision, mission and work.


Our Members’ and Allies’ Survey is one of the ways we measure our progress aligning to these values, as well as our achievement of the outcomes and activities identified in our Strategic Plan. The Survey was introduced in 2015, when we realized that an annual evaluation process would benefit PAN’s internal operations as well as our work with members and external partners. It was initially called the Members’ and Stakeholders’ Survey, and we’ve changed the name in respect of feedback we received from Indigenous partners. They advised us that “stakeholder” does not adequately reflect the reality that Indigenous people have the ability to uphold their constitutionally protected rights, making them rights holders on these lands rather than stakeholders.

The Members’ and Allies’ Survey consults with those in the PAN membership as well as key allies with whom we work closely, people with lived and living experiences who are actively engaged with PAN, and PAN staff, board members, and contractors. The Survey gives us the opportunity to learn about how we are meeting our goals, to hear about perceptions of our work, and offers respondents an opportunity to identify issues or directions across BC that PAN might consider addressing. PAN is committed to engaging in evaluation processes that provide continuous learning for improvement, and these surveys give us 360-degree feedback that helps us determine how to direct our work.

If you have questions about the Members’ and Allies’ Survey, please email Joanna Mendell, PAN’s Director of Evaluation and Community-Based Research.


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