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Job posting: Community-based Research Associate

Via the Canadian Public Health Association: Position: Community-based Research Associate Employment Status: Part-time Contract (10 hours/week for the period January 2024 – August 2025) Program: Canadian Public Health Association, National Programs Reports to:     Manager, Canadian Public Health Association Salary range: 36.88-$42.80 per hour plus 4% vacation pay (depending on past experience and qualifications) Location:  … Read more »

Hepatitis C Treatment and HIV Prevention courses with CATIE

PAN is partnering with CATIE to bring our members and allies training to enrich their knowledge of hepatitis C and HIV. CATIE courses include weekly self-directed modules, collaborative discussion boards facilitated by a CATIE educator (Zoé Bordeleau-Cass), and an interactive online meeting with fellow students.   Hepatitis C Treatment, BC and the Yukon regional training… Read more »

Substance Use News November 2023

Substance Use News provides a monthly collection of news and resources on the social, medical and political responses to the toxic drug supply crisis and information about alcohol harm reduction. Please check Info for People Who Use Substances to get the latest alerts, and tips on how to stay safe from Toward the Heart. New to this work? Visit… Read more »

New Research & Evaluation Treehouse Resources, November 2023

While research and evaluation are different, they share many similarities, especially when thinking about participatory methods. We think of research and evaluation like two different trees with different origins, intertwined in methods and analysis, that separate again in what they can tell you and how their information is shared. PAN’s Research and Evaluation department has… Read more »

PAN’s HIV Housing Toolkit

PAN’s HIV Housing Toolkit was initially launched in 2019 as part of the Positive Living, Positive Homes community-based research study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and co-led by the Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) and the University of Victoria. The toolkit illustrates and excellent example of applying research findings to practical knowledge sharing… Read more »

Qualitative Coding Resources

Qualitative data analysis is a fundamental component of the research process allowing you to draw valuable insights from data, especially when dealing with complex data sources like interviews, focus groups, observations, and open-ended responses. Contrary to quantitative data like survey results, it can be more difficult for research teams to recognize the main points or… Read more »

Indigenizing Survey Methods

  The Making it Work project is an Indigenous-focused, community-based research project that uses an Indigenized ‘realist evaluation’ approach. The study aimed to understand what works best for people living with HIV, hepatitis C, and/or challenges with mental health or substance use, who are accessing community-based services. Realist Evaluation is designed to go beyond asking… Read more »

Balancing Rigor and Relevance in literature review

Development of Guiding Principles and Practices for People with Lived and Living Experience in Community Based Organizations. In the summer of 2023, the PSHA’s Collective Impact Network (CIN) identified the need to have a comprehensive document that serves as a tool and a guide for community-based organizations (CBOs) in BC to meaningfully engage people with… Read more »

The Basics of Community Based Research: Part 1

  Defining Community-based Research Being involved in social justice and health equity work can sometimes mean a lot of learning to build a solid base of knowledge. Having a basic understanding of community-based research is an important part of that knowledge base even for people who are non-researchers. Learning about community-based research helps build an… Read more »

World AIDS Day and Indigenous AIDS Awareness Day message 2023

“Let communities lead” is the 2023 World AIDS Day theme and on December 1st, which is also the start of Indigenous AIDS Awareness Week, we will have the opportunity to both reflect and create change. It’s a poignant day to remember all those important people who we have lost and to reflect on the valuable… Read more »

BC-CfE Per-SVR Newsletter

  Via BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS Per-SVR is part of the development of Treatment as Prevention® for HCV strategy in British Columbia. Per-SVR (PrEseRvation of Sustained Virological Response) is a longitudinal cohort study following people who have been successfully treated for HCV using Direct-Acting Antivirals (DAAs). Clients are eligible if they are 19… Read more »

Hepatitis B: Lessons from the CASL Single Topic Conference 2023

  This year, the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver (CASL) hosted a single topic conference from September 29th to Oct 1st, bringing together a group of national and international experts in Hepatitis B research and practice in Calgary to discuss the Progress towards Hepatitis B elimination in Canada. Acute Hepatitis B is… Read more »