Impact Solutions Research and Evaluation Consulting

Impact Solutions by PAN works with organizations to improve program and evaluation capacity and support the effectiveness and efficiency of service and program offerings. We specialize in supporting non-profits, community-based organizations, and health authorities in all areas of evaluation support, research, strategic planning, knowledge translation, and capacity bridging initiatives.

Non-profit and community-based organizations often don’t have the internal capacity to efficiently evaluate their own programs and services, or in some cases may not even know where to start. Whether your organization is large or small, Impact Solutions by PAN is here to work with you to learn what’s working and what’s not working, engage relevant voices, build a personalized plan including identifying areas of improvement, and to assist you in implementing sustainable positive change.

Impact Solutions by PAN strives to reflect PAN’s organizational values and vision in all of the work that we do; Strengthening BC’s collective action in HIV, hepatitis C, and harm reduction.

As a remote -based organization, we have staff located across Canada that can customize designs and frameworks to your specific organizational needs.


Program Evaluation

We offer a range of solutions to help organizations evaluate large or small programs to help improve their organization’s performance. We specialize in evaluation planning and framework development, evaluation tool design (surveys, interview guides etc.), focus group, interview, and meeting facilitation, data analysis, and knowledge sharing. We can take care of the collecting, analyzing and interpreting of data to examine the efficiency and effectiveness of programs so that organizations can focus on continuous improvement. Our team has experience conducting large multi-year evaluations including Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) funded projects.


Research (Data Collection & Analysis)

We offer a range of qualitative and quantitative research solutions to help communities understand the issues they face, leading to improved program and service delivery. Our team has expertise in the areas of research design, data collection and data analysis. Impact Solutions can help whether you’re looking for a survey tool or other data collection tool design, focus group planning and facilitation, community-based research, or a mixed-methods approach.


Knowledge Sharing

We offer a range of knowledge mobilization and translation solutions including planning and strategy development. We assist organizations by creating knowledge sharing products including summary reports, briefs, fact sheets, newsletters, infographics, presentations, and more. . Our team is skilled at data visualization and making research accessible to a variety of audiences and we can help plan knowledge sharing activities like webinars or community events.


Capacity bridging

We offer a range of capacity bridging and building solutions to assist organizations in sharing knowledge and skills within their organization and the community. Impact Solutions can plan, design, and facilitate the meaningful collaboration between internal staff at organizations, people with lived or living experience, academics, and/or community. We can also work with your organization to identify key stakeholders and information needs.


Reporting and administration

We offer a range of solutions for organizations that need assistance on the reporting and administration for activities, programs, and grant management. This can include compiling appropriate data for interim or final reports, supporting ethics applications and amendments, or manuscript or grant writing support.


Program planning

For organizations that aren’t sure where to start, Impact Solutions has the expertise to work with you to design the exact solution you need. We look forward to learning more about your organization and how we can help!


Community Engagement

Impact Solutions can help you develop community engagement plans, and support you in including your stakeholders in your work. We have experience working with people with lived and living experiences, community-based organizations, health authorities, researchers, and front-line health and social service providers.


Data Visualization

Our team uses engaging and accessible strategies to help communicate data and increase the impact that your work can have.



Some of the past and current projects that our team has been involved with include:


With over 40 years of diverse combined experience across a variety of industries, one of the best aspects of Impact Solutions by PAN is our collaborative, team-based approach.


Joanna Mendell – Director of Research and Evaluation – [email protected]

Joanna Mendell lives and enjoys the Wet’zinkwha valley on traditional unceded Wetʼsuwetʼen territory, in what is colonially called Smithers, BC. Joanna’s background is in public health, and she has spent the last ten years working at the intersections between social determinants of health and social policy. As the Director of Research and Evaluation at PAN, Joanna facilitates impact-driven research led by experts with lived and living experience and a team of dedicated research and evaluation staff.

Joanna is committed to influencing evidence-informed policy particularly in the areas of substance use, harm reduction, HIV, and hepatitis C, and bringing experts together to undertake participatory research and evaluation. Joanna is passionate about knowledge exchange, participatory research methods, strategic engagement, and accessible communication and design and the ways in which research and evaluation can make changes for community.


Jennifer Demchuk – Manager of Research and Evaluation – [email protected]

Jennifer Demchuk lives and works on the territories of the nêhiyawak, Anihšināpēk, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakoda, and the homeland of the Métis/Michif Nation, known as Treaty 4 territory, or what is colonially referred to as Regina, SK. Much of Jennifer’s work and volunteer life has focused on advocacy and change management in a variety of industries. She relies on strong relationship and communication skills to lead interdisciplinary teams through all aspects of research and evaluation projects.

A demonstrated project manager and leader, Jennifer has led projects of both large and small scope across the country. She has a commitment to cultural agility, safety and humility as well as equity, diversity and inclusion. Jennifer has a passion for bringing together multiple stakeholders with a foundation in the voice of people with lived or living experience, to create meaningful change in community.


Janak Bajgai – Evaluation Specialist – [email protected]

Janak Bajgai MBBS, MPH, DTM&H is an Evaluation Specialist at PAN, who leads the development and implementation of comprehensive shared measurement frameworks for PHSA’s Collective Impact Network and other regional health partners in BC. Prior to joining PAN, Janak provided leadership to key population programs in HIV prevention and Education in Calgary, AB. Janak is particularly interested identifying ways to engage stakeholders through evaluations to drive system level improvements. Janak completed his Master of Public Health from Memorial University, undergraduate medical education from Kathmandu University in Nepal, and a Diploma in Tropical Medicine from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK. Janak lives in the Treaty 7 Region in Southern Alberta with his family, his hobbies include travel, hiking, and reading.


Leanne Zubowski – Research and Evaluation Specialist – [email protected]

Leanne affects change through her work in HIV, Hepatitis C and other STBBIs, harm reduction stigma reduction and advocacy for systemic change. By leveraging her expertise for evidence-based research and evaluation, Leanne is passionate about bridging capacity to help organizations understand how they can benefit their programs by providing them with the skills and information they need to make informed decisions. Being a part of this work excites Leanne as she is able to promote community-based and participatory research and evaluation approaches to promote positive change in the community.

As a Research and Evaluation Specialist, Leanne Zubowski brings a strong background in implementing evaluation plans, developing data collection tools, conducting qualitative and quantitative analyses, and creating innovative knowledge translation and exchange products for diverse groups of partners and allies. Through her experience working with PAN, she has honed her flexibility, problem-solving and time management skills to be an effective researcher and evaluator.


Monte Strong – Research and Evaluation Assistant – [email protected] 

With a genuine desire to ignite transformation, Monte is here to empower your community-focused initiatives. Inspired by your passion for community health and wellbeing, he brings a diverse skillset in instructional design, training, knowledge translation, and project coordination. Monte is your dedicated partner in guiding processes and information to keep your initiatives on track. Collaborating closely with you, he helps plan and implement the optimal course of action to support your strategic goals and desired outcomes. Where there are gaps in skills, knowledge, and insight, Monte excels in creating tailored learning solutions that strengthen the capabilities of individuals, groups, and organizations. Together, let’s fuel positive change and make a lasting impact on your community.





If you’re excited to get started or would like to get to know the team further to find out if we have the experience you are looking, contact us today to schedule some time to chat about how we can help.