Creating Cultures of Wellness

Human Resource Management goes beyond job descriptions and performance reviews, although these are elements of supporting teams to do their best work. Working with mandates that often find people we serve at vulnerable points in their lives, whether health or social, is rewarding but has challenges as well. Responding to ongoing crises in the course of everyday work can take a toll on staff, volunteers, and organizations as a whole. We hope the resources on this page support conversations and practices that create workplace health and wellness.


Crisis Intervention Response and Support

Support for those doing crisis intervention and response work is definitely needed but often in short supply due to time constraints and limited funds. PAN has been working with Vikki Reynolds at training events to address member-identified requests for support. Vikki talks about Resisting Burnout and Vicarious Trauma with Connection: the Zone of Fabulousness, where people working together find their best balance to do their work with compassion and energy.

These videos present the elements of Vikki’s presentations. We encourage organizations to make time for staff and volunteers to watch these, even one at a time over several weeks, to help regain balance and assess organizational wellness.

See a wider selection of Vikki’s videos or visit her site to learn more about her work.

Zone of Fabulousness

Responding to Death and Darkness

Debriefing with Connection

Solidarity Teams