Hepatitis C (HCV)


Like HIV, hepatitis C (also called hep C or HCV) can be a challenging health condition. It is different from HIV in that treatment can result in a cure 95% of the time.  Many PAN members provide hep c support services and education, alongside HIV, harm reduction and related services, and some are solely dedicated to hepatitis C issues. If you’re looking to connect with service providers in your region, see the list of our member organizations.


Peer Connection and Advocacy


Hep C in Focus was a special virtual event we presented on July 16, 2020. View on-demand sessions/discussions on equitable access to hepatitis C treatment for people who inject drugs;  changing the hep C cascade of care for women, and hearing about stigma experiences of women.


Hepatitis C Leadership Project
PAN’s peer-led initiative where hepatitis C community leaders will model their skills and knowledge to inspire other BC community members to embark on leadership journeys.


Help4HepBC offers a peer-to-peer helpline where Peer Navigators work with callers to meet the challenges of hepatitis C head-on. Available by phone or text.


HepCBC is a non-profit organization run by and for people infected and affected by viral hepatitis. Our mission is to provide education (including treatment), prevention and support to those living with viral hepatitis.


HCV Manifesto shows some of the challenges people with lived experience of hepatitis C, and ways these can be approached.


Pacific Hepatitis C Network works with community and stakeholders to inform, support, and strengthen the response to hep C in BC, and access to care, treatment and support for people living with hepatitis.


HepatitisCNet is an online community featuring stories, forums and articles written by people with hepatitis C for people with hepatitis C.


Blueprint to Inform Hepatitis C Elimination in Canada (2019)


Should I Get Tested for HCV?



The Big Picture of Hepatitis C in BC and Canada

BC Hepatitis Testers Cohort: monitoring disease burden related to hepatitis and associated infections and social conditions, evaluate impact of interventions, and monitor hepatitis program progress

BC hepatitis C statistics: Reportable Disease Dashboard (BC Centre for Disease Control)

Hepatitis C surveillance in Canada (Public Health Agency of Canada)

Population Size Estimates: report from 2016 identifying key populations at risk for hep C in BC



Disease and Treatment Information

Hep C Care Registry: a directory created by Pacific Hepatitis C Network of services related to healthcare and education, community services, and multi-service sites that serve people affected by hepatitis C

BC Hepatitis Clinics: The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) provides an interactive map of BC that shows hepatitis clinics locations, contact information, and services provided.

The BC Centre for Disease Control: information about hepatitis C, including symptoms, causes, tests, treatment, and more.

Chronic hepatitis C medication available for all British Columbians (2018) (2017)

Canadian Liver Foundation: liver health and disease. A section on HCV includes information about transmission, testing, treatment and resources , including HCV

Hepatitis Education Canada: develops culturally and linguistically sensitive hepatitis C education resources for the population, hepatitis patients and health care providers.

Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project

HCV resources in multiple languages from CATIE

Hepatitis C in Canadian immigrants and newcomers: Why are hepatitis C rates higher in these populations?

BC’s Indigenous Communities and HCV: First Nations Health Authority Health Protection Teams


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Hep C BC

Pacific Hepatitis C Network

Action Hepatitis Canada

CATIE: HepC Info Updates and more



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This information was last updated July 30, 2020.