Annual Reports, Bylaws, and Policies


Annual Year in Review reports

Year in Review reports provide an opportunity to reflect on achievements of the year and refocus on the mission and vision for the work ahead. Read on about PAN’s work and community development.

2022-23 in Review:
Reflections and focusing on the Members

2021-22 in Review:
The long run for positive change

2020-21 in Review
Doubling Down in Dual Public Health Emergencies

2019-20 in Review – Rising to the challenges of our times

2018-19 in Review – Renew

2017-18 in Review – Collaborating with Strength


Society Documents

PAN was incorporated as a not-for-profit Society on July 18, 2003.

PAN Constitution and Bylaws 2018 – amended 2020


Organizational Documents

PAN Code of Conduct Related to Board of Directors

PAN Conflict of Interest Policy

PAN Group Guidelines and Responsibilities

PAN Privacy Policy and Procedures

PAN Research Integrity Policy

Health Safety and Respect in Group Gatherings





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