Hep C Diversities


World Hepatitis Day is an annual day of recognition, education, and advocacy on July 28th. In the lead up, we hosted this virtual community event Wednesday July 19, 2023 to look at some of the layers of living with hepatitis C. The recordings of the sessions are available below.


  • Micro-elimination of hep C
  • Extrahepatic manifestations of hepatitis C
  • Intricacies of living with hep C long term: a PWLLE panel


Micro-elimination of hep C

Speaker: Kate Fish, Education Lead at BC Hepatitis Network


Extrahepatic manifestations of hepatitis C

Speaker: Dr. Sofia Bartlett, Senior Scientist in sexually transmitted infections and blood borne infections (STIBBI) at the BC Centre for Disease Control

Dr. Bartlett’s presentation


Intricacies of living with hep C long term, a PWLLE panel

Panel: People with lived and living experience share their perspectives: Trey Helten, Douglas Laird, and Sofia Bartlett. Moderated by Kate Fish.

These recordings will support the work of:

  • People with lived experience of hepatitis C, community members, and other allies
  • Hepatitis C and HIV organization staff and volunteers
  • Clinicians working with people who inject drugs and/or who have hepatitis C
  • Policy makers and researchers in the fields of hepatitis C and/or substance use
  • People seeking more information about hepatitis C care


Learn more in sessions from our on-demand library of webinars.

We greatly appreciate the vision of our government funders and their ongoing commitment to supporting the work of PAN. In particular we gratefully acknowledge the Public Health Agency of Canada – HIV and Hepatitis C Community Action Fund. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.


Banner image from Pixabay.