Two-Spirit Reconciliation

We were pleased to work with Cree Two-Spirit community organizer, researcher and educator Harlan Pruden on Two-Spirit Reconcilation. This two-part event situated Two-Spirit people in Indigenous and colonial histories, looking at how we must work towards decolonizing Two-Spirit realities today.


Part 1 : Gender, Sexuality and Two-Spirit Lives

Harlan led us through a history of of Two-Spirit people from before Colonial contact, exploring individual, sexual, social, and community interconnectedness.

Part 2: Two-Spirit Reconcilia(c)tion in Research

This session shared data featuring Two-Spirit voices on sexual health, identities, and service uptake. Discussion included approaches for optimizing community services to support Two-Spirit and Indigenous GBMSM in rural and urban settings.


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Presenter: Harlan Pruden

Harlan is the Managing Editor at Two-Spirit Journal and co-creator of the Two-Spirit Dry Lab,  “Turtle Island’s  first research group or lab that focuses exclusively on Two-Spirit people, communities, and experiences.” He is also the Indigenous Knowledge Translation Lead with Chee Mamuk, BC’s provincial Indigenous health program. Harlan will support learning on gender, sexuality and Two-Spirit histories  and knowledge; plus introduce pathways for best and wise practices in service delivery. Harlan is a dynamic speaker who brings passion and humour to creating an allied community of our reconciliation work.

Harlan Pruden @HarlanPruden or [email protected]


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