Evaluation Resources


Evaluation can help you learn what is working and what changes need to be made to improve your organization and program.

One of the most commonly used definitions in program evaluation is this one from Michael Quinn Patton:

“Program evaluation is the systematic collection and analysis of information about program activities, characteristics, and outcomes to make judgments about the program, improve program effectiveness, and/or inform decisions about future programming” (1997).

We’ve gathered evaluation resources and tools here and are happy to add resources to share in the community. Please feel free to contact Joanna Mendell, PAN’s Director of  Evaluation and Community-Based Research with suggested additions.



PAN’s Research and Evaluation Treehouse: here we share resources that can be helpful for both evaluation and research. Building on the tree metaphor – the Treehouse sits on the limbs between both the Research and the Evaluation Tree and provides a space for us to come together to learn and build our capacity in both of these areas.

Evaluation Tools – How do we plan and carry out an evaluation?

Participatory Approach to Evaluation – How do we engage people and communities most affected by the program in our evaluation?

Shared Measurement – How do we measure the progress and outcomes for our shared goals and collective efforts?