Board of Directors

Roles and Responsibilities

The elected or appointed board members oversee the activities of PAN, and as a collective group, the Board is the governing body of PAN organization. PAN Board members establish broad policies and objectives, such as organization’s vision, values and strategic directions, with the help of the Executive Director and staff. Board members are expected to support the Executive Director and staff in ensuring PAN activities and initiatives follow the organizational mission, mandate and strategic plan. Other roles include approving annual budgets and keeping the organization’s performance accountable to relevant stakeholders.

At our 2023 AGM, we hosted a Keynote Panel on “Addressing the Deadly Gap in Drug Policy: Treatment and Harm Reduction are not enough. We need Safer Supply.” Presentations by Charlene Burmeister (Coalition of Substance Users of the North) and Kurt Lock (Research Coordinator at the NAOMI and SALOME studies, and long-term advocate in the DTES), and special guests Jenny McDougall and Phoenix Beck McGreevy.

At our 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM), our keynote presentation was delivered by Trevor Stratton, Indigenous Leadership Policy Manager for CAAN. Trevor connected some important snapshots along the path of HIV activism and community organizing locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally, providing insights into the changing landscape of the HIV response through the past 3 decades.

At our 2021 AGM, we hosted a keynote with Len Pierre, who “specializes in decolonization, reconciliation, and Indigenous relations for organizations”. Len talked about how we can mobilize Indigenous knowledge and values to care for one another as teams, organizations, and human beings doing work on the frontlines.

At our 2020 AGM, we hosted a keynote on a safe supply of drugs, and the role community can play in supporting people who use drugs, featuring community advocate Guy Felicella.

At our 2019 AGM, the Board brought forward a new set of bylaws to change PAN’s governance structures to ensure consistency with inclusion principles of GIPA/MIPA, the HCV Manifesto, and Nothing About Us Without Us and to give Indigenous organizations a designated voice, consistent with community respect and Truth and Reconciliation principles. These were successfully adopted by the members,

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PAN Board 2023-24

    • Synder Cuddahy
    • Lucy Duncan
    • Bob Hughes
    • Katrina Jensen
    • Jenny McDougall
    • Patrick McDougall
    • Alex West
    • Kath W

Executive Director (standing invitee): Jennifer Evin Jones



Last updated November 12, 2023


Image: Adi Goldstein on Unsplash