Strategic Plan



Working collaboratively, we build the the capacity and skills of our member organizations, including people with lived experience, to effectively address HIV, hepatitis C, and related communicable diseases and conditions.


Strategic Directions

We pursue four strategic directions to fulfill our mission:

  • Strengthen knowledge-driven planning, decision-making, and implementation among PAN’s members and allies to respond to complex issues relating to HIV, hepatitis C and the social determinants of health;
  • Strengthen our governance;
  • Ensure our sustainability; and
  • Provide a collective voice to respond to ongoing and emerging health and social justice issues.


Our values and approaches guide how we design, carry out and evaluate our work, and how we form and maintain our partnerships. We begin with community-identified needs, follow with carefully considered data, and deliver results for community development, skills building and action.



Inclusive, Meaningful Involvement: In all our work we strive to include a diversity of people with lived experience of HIV, HCV, and related communicable diseases and conditions, and to ensure meaningful opportunities for their involvement as leaders.

Commitment to Uphold Reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples: PAN has a responsibility to advance reconciliation through understanding and action to address the ongoing impacts of colonization. In all our work we strive for cultural humility and to create cultural safety for Indigenous members, partners, and participants and we continue to learn how best to achieve this.

Collaboration and Partnerships: We encourage and support collaboration and partnerships to strengthen our members and to provide the highest quality services and outcomes.

Excellence and Innovation: We support the exploration of creative and practical ideas to benefit communities across BC.

Knowledge-Driven: PAN uses a diverse range of data and information to support decision-making and planning. We promote the use of relevant research, evaluation, and community-based knowledge to improve policies, practices, and programs impacting our network.

Accountability and Stewardship: We are accountable to our membership and stakeholders. We adhere to the highest standards of professional integrity, ensuring transparency, timely reporting, and the best use of our resources in achieving our goals.

Member-Driven: PAN’s strength is in its members. As a network we call on our members to be actively engaged in moving forward the vision, mission and work of the Pacific AIDS Network.

Challenging Stigma and Discrimination: Stigma exists on all levels and in many forms in society. It is incumbent on all of us to be vigilant and committed to confronting stigma and discrimination in its many forms.



Continuing Our HIV/AIDS Legacy: PAN honours the HIV leadership and legacy of the past, values the leadership here today, and strives to inspire leadership for our future. As we evolve as a network, we will continue to facilitate the involvement of people living with HIV within the network and in supporting our members’ needs.

Engaging people with lived experience: We strive to work in a manner that embodies GIPA, MIPA, Nothing About Us Without Us, HCV Manifesto, and other key documents and principles that articulate the importance of meaningfully engaging people with lived experience at all levels.

Social Change and Equity: We work for the dignity, health and wellness of all people, a reflection of human-rights principles. We use all means available to us including advocacy, policy change, capacity-building, research and evaluation.

Working Provincially: PAN is a provincial organization and we strive to work with people and in communities from across the province.

Harm Reduction: We apply a harm reduction approach and advocate to support a human-rights, science-based, and community-based approach to policies, programs and practices that focus on preventing unnecessary transmission of disease and unnecessary loss of life.

Proactively Responding to Emerging Issues: We work with our members and partners to identify and collectively respond to emerging challenges impacting our members and the communities they serve. We are flexible and action-oriented, shifting our advocacy and programming to respond quickly and proactively.

Building a Learning-Based Culture: PAN builds an evaluative and learning-based culture for staff, members and stakeholders that encourages reflection, responsibility, collaborative learning, and deliberate risk taking through capacity-building, leadership training, research and evaluation.



Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Strategic Plan 2019-2024 infographic