Invitation to participate in community evaluation of STOP Pilot Project

You are being invited to participate in a community led, community level evaluation of the STOP (“Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention of HIV/AIDS”) Pilot Project. The STOP Community Engagement Working Group (CEWG) and Reciprocal Consulting are conducting this evaluation with AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and Community Based Organizations across the province.  This evaluation is not meant to engage individual people living with HIV/AIDS or at-risk of HIV/AIDS as their experiences with the STOP HIV/AIDS Pilot are being documented elsewhere.

We are asking you to participate if you:

  • Volunteer or work (including board member) with an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) or Community Based Organization (CBO) that serves people living with or at risk of HIV
  • Work with an ASO or CBO that is located in BC
  • Are a staff member or worker or volunteer with an ASO or CBO

This survey is completely voluntary and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please know that the information you provide will be confidential and used for program and sustainability planning.

To thank you for your time we would like to enter you name into a draw for a number of prizes including one of two $50 prepaid VISAs, and the grand prize of $150 prepaid VISA.

We thank you in advance for your valuable time and feedback! Please note that the survey will close at 5pm on Friday, July 20.

For more information about the evaluation, CLICK HERE
To take the survey, CLICK HERE