2017 in Review: Evaluation

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This past year, PAN has continued taking a leadership role in promoting and facilitating evaluation work across the province by supporting and providing evaluation capacity building to our member organizations and partners. We are grateful to the CIHR Centre for REACH for foundational support of this work.

PAN supported two health authorities, the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and Northern Health (NH) in developing shared measurement evaluation frameworks and data collection tools for their contracted community-based HIV and HCV services. PAN’s evaluation work for the PHSA’s HIV and HCV Collective Impact Network (CIN) has been a highly collaborative process, with the focus on using the findings from the first data collection to inform and plan the next phase of the CIN’s work. PAN has worked to support NH in sharing findings and learnings about this innovative evaluation approach, including in a blog post, webinar, a poster presentation at the 2018 Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) conference, and through a data placemat. Most recently in April 2018, PAN has been contracted by Interior Health (IH) to develop a shared measurement evaluation framework for their community-based blood-borne illnesses and harm reduction services. PAN looks forward to the continued partnership with the PHSA, NH and IH, and sharing learnings from this work.

Evaluation also continues to be a critical component of all of PAN’s own programs and services, including our work with the Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI). This past year, we conducted a participatory PLDI Impact Evaluation developed and implemented by Peer Evaluators, and shared the evaluation findings in various ways, including a 30-minute on-demand webinar. We also conducted a meta-evaluation (i.e. an evaluation of the PLDI Impact Evaluation) to reflect on and share our learnings from this novel participatory evaluation process.

Another significant area of PAN’s regular evaluation work is its annual Members’ and Stakeholders’ Survey. Many of you may have seen invitations to participate in this survey, in which we evaluate our programs and services, progress towards strategic goals, network health, and so much more! Thank you so much for your contributions as they are invaluable for PAN’s program planning and continued dedication to evidence-based practice!

PAN has also worked to support building evaluation capacity across the province. We developed and offered province-wide capacity-building on evaluation through a three-part, course style webinar series entitled “Exploring Evaluation.” The webinar series focused on building a culture of learning through evaluation while providing additional contents on learning vs. reporting and tools and resources to support the shift in becoming a learning-based organization. The webinar series ran for 3 consecutive weeks in January 2018. Finally, we supported an evaluation training session at PAN’s Regional Training in Prince George in June.

As you may have guessed we are very passionate about evaluation at PAN. If you have any questions relating to evaluation or want to learn more, please be in touch any time.

Mona Lee,
Evaluation Manager


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