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PrEP: What is it? What does it mean for Indigenous people?

Via Community Based Research Centre for Gay Men’s Health (CBRC)    The CBRC will be hosting a free webinar on PrEP: What Is It? What Does It Mean for BC’s Indigenous People? Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is one way to help prevent HIV. Prophylaxis simply means disease prevention. In this approach, people who do not have HIV… Read more »

  Mind Your “Business”: Providing Health Care at the Intersections of Mental and Sexual / Reproductive Health Thursday January 25th, 2018 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET   Every year, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights host their annual Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week (SRH Week). SRH Week is a promotional and… Read more »

Improving Your Evaluation Skills

  If you talk to people about evaluation, it’s not unusual to hear some frustration with the process. Evaluation can prompt responses that run from love to hate: people appreciate the information evaluations can provide, or they don’t see the benefits of them at all. As we started to envision our upcoming 3-part professional development… Read more »

Register now to learn about BC’s online STI testing program, GetCheckedOnline. Dr. Mark Gilbert of the BC Centre for Disease Control will be presenting on Wednesday January 17 at 10 AM Pacific Time. GetCheckedOnline is an easy way to test for sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections in British Columbia, Canada. In a few steps, you… Read more »

Community-based research (CBR) is an approach that puts community partnerships at the heart of the research process. CBR approaches are collaborative; focused on change; and inclusive. Community-based research begins with community-identified needs, explores research questions, then brings findings back to community. Community identifies the most important pieces learned through research and how to communicate them… Read more »

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘evaluation’? We want to support you to see evaluation as an activity that can help you learn about your organization and its programs. Simple questions like “What works well?” and “What could we adapt in our organization to make its programs and processes even better?”… Read more »

Date: Thursday December 7, 10 AM PT HIV can be manageable with early diagnosis and treatment. HIV screening and testing is the first step in identifying those who are undiagnosed, in order to facilitate linkage to care and receipt of appropriate treatment. In Canada, approximately 21% of people living with HIV at the end of… Read more »

Webinar: Epidemiology of HIV and other STBBI in Canada

Updated: There will be an encore presentation of this webinar on Thursday December 14, 1 PM Eastern Time/ 10 AM Pacific Time Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a continuing international epidemic and an important public health issue in Canada. The Public Health Agency of Canada works in partnership with other organizations to conduct surveillance on… Read more »

Evaluation Webinar: Shared Measurement Works!

Our KnowledgeConnect webinar series helps build skills and community connections. Our next webinar is Using Shared Measurement in Evaluation, coming up on Wednesday November 29, 10 – 11 AM Pacific time. Elayne McIvor is an experienced evaluator who works with non-profits, government, and private sector connections. Elayne’s webinar will focus on the value of shared measurement. Establishing… Read more »

Thursday November 23, 1PM ET / 10 AM PT This webinar discusses the Pan-Canadian Framework on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Canada, provides an overview of the four key components of the Framework, and highlights next steps on the development of the associated action plan. AMR is one of the most serious global health threats facing… Read more »

Canadian Webinar Series: Supporting Safe HIV Disclosure

The Canadian Webinar Series on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights would like to invite you to ‘Save the Date’ for the second of a multi-phase series of webinars focused on key aspects regarding the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women living with HIV in Canada: Supporting Safe HIV Disclosure: Canadian Webinar Series on Implementing the WHO Consolidated Guideline on… Read more »

A Public Health Agency of Canada webinar will provide key highlights on the status in Canada of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antimicrobial use (AMU) in humans and animals from the Canadian Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (CARSS) 2017 annual report along with planned and current efforts to address surveillance gaps. The CARSS-2017 Report provides a snapshot… Read more »