Get your Help4HepBC tote bag

BC Hepatitis Network is currently offering handy tote bags to BC community-based organizations for use in outreach efforts or community events. The tote bags also help get the word out about the Help4HepBC helpline, a free and confidential peer-to-peer support program that connects peers of lived experience of hepatitis C by phone and text.

Some items that the totes could carry:

  • Hepatitis C educational material
  • Harm reduction resources or supplies
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Information on upcoming local community events or programming

The totes and Help4HepBC print material were recently featured and promoted at PAN’s recent Educators Roundtable event. Messaging for knowledge-building and awareness can come in small, simple packages like the tote bags.

What other simple, cost-effective ways can you think to get your message out into community? It can sometimes take several attempts in communicating a message before it sticks, so it can be fun to experiment with different ways of getting the word out.

Contact Daryl at BC Hepatitis Network for more information: [email protected]