Sign the Vienna Declaration

Drug Policy Should Be Based on Science, Not Ideology

We are writing to invite you to endorse the Vienna Declaration, a scientific statement calling for evidence-based, public health approaches to drug policies.

Through the application of evidence-based research, health policies are increasingly being driven by the best available scientific evidence; however, there remain critical areas in public health where the gap between evidence and policies persists, and few areas suffer from this more than illicit drug policy.

Add your name to the call for evidence-based drug policy – sign the Vienna Declaration today.

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To date, more than 18,000 individuals and over 400 organizations from around the world have endorsed the Declaration. This sends a strong message to policy-makers that the overwhelmingly negative consequences of conventional illicit drug policies are a global concern, and that there is broad-based support for a full policy reorientation. To continue expanding this support, please consider sharing the Declaration with your friends, colleagues, and political representatives in person or via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

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The Vienna Declaration Team