Exploring Effective Interventions for Viral Hepatitis, STI and HIV Prevention


Thank you to all the participants for making the Prevention Education Training and Networking session, held on Feb. 26 – 28, 2014 a great success.

Thank you to all of our presenters, speakers and facilitators for their contribution!

Available Downloads:

Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014

HIV/AIDS and STIPresenter: Dr. Mark Gilbert
Hepatitis B and C – Presenter:Dr. Naveed Janjua

  • Concurrent Session #1: Panel Presentation: Peer involvement in prevention programming

o   Peer Development! Are you Ready? – Presenters: Kari Hackett & Cody Vigeant

o   Healthy Relationships with our Hearts – Presenter: Elina Chiu (No download)

o   Beyond Intervention: Social Justice through Privileged Experiential Perspectives in Street College Educations – Presenters: Katie Lacroix & Wayne Dunning (No download)

o   Heroin-Assisted Therapy: SNAP Advocacy, Education and Support in the DTES – Presenters: Dave Murray & Susan Boyd

o   Making Leadership Accessible to Women – Presenters: Rebeccah Parry & Monique Desroches

  • Concurrent Session #2: What’s art got to do with it? Using the arts to engage communities around HIV, STIs and HCV – Presenter: Sarah Switzer

o   Handouts:

Prevention of transmission vs prevention of death: Culture, stigma and hepatitis c outreach efforts to diverse populations – Presenter: Cheryl Reitz




Thursday, Feb.27, 2014

  • Concurrent Session #2: HIV unmasked: An educational experience for community – Presenters: Melanie Monds, Marilyn Morrison and Valerie (No download)

o   Handout: HIV unMasked

Engaging, educating and empowering gay millenials in HIV prevention: Lessons from Vancouver’s Mpowerment Project – Presenter: Andrew Shopland

o   Handouts:

  • Plenary Keynote – Presenter: Jessica Danforth (No download)
  • IGNITE Panel & Discussion Groups:

o   Sharing food & Education – a powerful combination – Presenter: Sarah Sullivan

o   Strategies for addressing gender, racial and socioeconomic inequalities – Presenter: Jill Chettiar

o   The Invitations: Doing dignity in environments of shame and stigma – Presenter: Kristen Kvakic

o   A universe of stories: Our process from idea to effective workshop – Presenter: Mary Jackson – coming soon

o   A look at community readiness: Ideas and practice – Presenters: Amanda Walker & Erica Thomson

  • Plenary: A cornucopia of STIs
    Due to illness this session had to be revised and included two presentations from the BCCDC and an interactive session hosted by Heidi Exner. We would also like to thank Andrea Langlois, Hermione Jefferis, Andrew Shopland, Melissa Medjuck, Sangam, Sheena Campbell and Gina McGowan for their assistance.

Hepatitis Basics – Presenter: Sandi Mitchell

SmartSex Resources – Presenter: Devon Haag

o   Handout: Plenty of Syph Dating Profiles


Friday, Feb.28, 2014


The agenda/program (pdf)

The evaluation report (pdf)