HIV-associated NeurocognitiveDisorder and HIV Management (webinar)


The Connexion is a non-promotional and non-product-focused learning program by Gilead, developed to bring relevant and up-to-date scientific information on HIV to the Canadian HIV community. Topics for this program are selected based on the community learning needs assessment we conducted.

This year, we will explore different topics on HIV and how they are relevant to long-term success of people living with HIV.


This webinar session will focus on:

  • Describing and discussing the current scientific literature on HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder
  • Discussing ways HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder can affect people living with HIV and their long-term success, health, and wellbeing

This event will offer live English to French translation.

Date: Thursday June 27th, 2024

Time: 9 – 10 AM PT



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