Summit 2023 Registration Open


CBRC’s annual knowledge exchange and capacity building conference on 2S/LGBTQ+ health research, programming, and advocacy in Canada takes place in Vancouver on November 16-17 at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel.

The Summit aims to promote 2S/LGBTQ+ health care, research, and social services, as well as share best practice applications of, and new research informing 2S/LGBTQ+ culturally responsive health care. As well, this forum is a space to build the capacities of health care providers, researchers, and community members to address issues in 2S/LGBTQ+ health. In addition, the Summit aims to bring folks together to develop and improve networks of 2S/LGBTQ+ communities working to strengthen the health and wellbeing of our communities, by facilitating dialogue around current research and advocacy work happening in these communities.


Summit 2023: Together in Action

The legacy of Two-Spirit, trans, and queer communities is one of resilience and fight. To advocate for our health, safety, and rights, we organize and oppose, and demand that our voices be heard. Over the past several decades, these battles have largely been waged against institutions – in government, health, education, law, and more – that have historically oppressed or ignored 2S/LGBTQ+ people.

Yet in recent years, another side has re-emerged and re-mobilized. Whatever banner they march under – far-right, ultra-conservative, TERF, misogynist, white supremacist – they use the same tactics and language of organizing not to uplift their communities but to attack, violate, and limit the rights and freedoms of 2S/LGBTQ+ people. In just the past few months the visibility of explicitly homo- and transphobic actions, both in-person and online, is noticeable and concerning.

Summit 2023 will focus both on reinforcing our defenses (building capacity in front-line community organizations, expanding support services and outreach, enshrining protections in law and policy), as well as offenses (in raising awareness and combating lies, in education, in safety, and coalition building). Summit 2023 will continue to highlight efforts to better understand and respond to the health priorities in our communities, but with a focus on showcasing research, programs, and initiatives that underscore the importance – and power – of queer, trans, and Two-Spirit people mobilizing together for our health and wellbeing.


Learn more about Summit 2023, including general information, Keynote speakers, registration, and more by visiting CBRC’s conference page.