Thrive report: Accessing home and community care in BC by older adults living with HIV/AIDS


From the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS: Thrive Research Report: Policy and Care Recommendations


Older adults living with HIV (i.e., age ≥50) now constitute over 50% of all people accessing HIV treatment in BC. As older adults living with HIV (OALHIV) age, the need for supportive care in non-acute settings, including home and community care, is increasing. The findings of this research present the many obstacles OALHIV face in accessing home and communitty care, including before referral, during the referral process, at the assessment, and while receiving home and community care services. The policy and care recommendations are many, ranging from culturally safe home and community care to expanding services. Through collective effort, we can transform these obstacles into pathways to enable OALHIV and the general aging population to thrive and age with dignity.

The research design was informed by OALHIV, The BC Home and Community Care System and Older Adults Living with HIV environmental scan, and a Provincial Overview of Community-based Organizational Supports for Older Adults Living with HIV.


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