Indigenous health equity and data collection – decolonizing data and doing research


The Indigenous Health Equity self-paced course is a free online resource provided by the Public Health Training for Equitable Systems Change (PHESC) out of the University of Toronto.

Recently, Edi Young, a Peer Research Associate with PAN’s Making it Work project, completed the online course and found “the education provided is bountiful.” Making it Work is an Indigenous-focused, community-based research study.

Edi went on to say, “Much of the guidance and learning tools from the course have resonated into the work of the project, while teaching us there is much to learn. It teaches the invaluble lesson of taking pause to learn, and reminds us to focus on relationship-building with the First Nation of the areas we are doing research with. We do not want to simply extract and collect information, but reflect the need of creating sustainably relationships when doing research with the true voice of the community. The course is inspiring and uplifting which encouraged me to share the experience of receiving the gift of its information.”

The PHESC Project provides training for public health professionals and has developed a specific Indigenous-led stream to “help individuals learning more about indigenous help individuals learn more about Indigenous peoples and the challenges, successes, and strategies that may assist people who work with Indigenous peoples living in First Nations communities and in urban settings.”


More information about the course.