FoodNOW: Invitation for Face/Content Validation of Questionnaire


Exploring Current Nutritional Programming and Resources Available to People Living with HIV/AIDs in Canada: Food NOW Project


Established in 2020, FoodNOW (Food to eNhance Our Wellness) is a provincially funded, dietitian-led, community-based, four-phased collaborative initiative based in K’jipuktuk (Halifax), Miꞌkmaꞌki (Nova Scotia [NS]). Led by Dr. Phillip Joy and Dr. Shannan Grant of Mount, this two-year project aims to improve shared experience in developing, implementing, and accessing nutrition and food programming for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in NS. FoodNOW was founded by Nova Scotia-based dietitians, service providers working with PLWHA, and community partners. Data collected through the FoodNOW project will be used to inform government action and policy change to improve the health and wellness of individuals and families. Results will be shared in academic journals, community reports, and at events in partnership with HIV/AIDS service providers in NS.

We are currently recruiting experts for face/content validation of our phase-four questionnaire. The target population for the questionnaire is people living with HIV/AIDS in Nova Scotia, however, we are looking for individuals who are knowledgeable in the field of questionnaire development and/or with lived experience who live outside of Nova Scotia to evaluate the questionnaire.

The questionnaire includes 9 domains (sections) and 64 items (questions) related to the nutrition and food needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in Nova Scotia (or Mi’kma’ki). We are requesting your expert judgement on the degree of relevance of each item to the measured domains and overall research objectives. Your review should be based on the definition and relevant terminologies that are provided to you (see: glossary, page 5 of questionnaire). Please be as objective and constructive as possible in your review and use the following rating scale:

Degree of relevance:

1 = The item is not relevant to the measured domain
2 = The item is somewhat relevant to the measured domain
3 = The item is quite relevant to the measured domain
4 = The item is highly relevant to the measured domain


If you are interested in participating in face/content validation, please contact [email protected] (ATTN: Jessica Mannette, FoodNOW Research Coordinator) to obtain a copy of the questionnaire for evaluation. The deadline to submit an evaluation of the questionnaire is August 24th.