Your Contributions Matter: PAN’s Members’ and Allies’ Consolidated Report 2015-2018


We are excited to share with you a report summarizing findings from four Members’ and Allies’ surveys conducted in 2015-2018. This report includes a summary of the feedback we received over these years and our actions to adapt, change and improve PAN’s services and programs based on this feedback.

The Annual Members’ and Allies’ Survey, first introduced in 2015, is one of the ways PAN measures its progress and alignment with  the core values of:

  • Accountability and stewardship,
  • Evidence-based action, and
  • Collaboration and partnership.

It also helps us track our achievement towards the outcomes and activities identified in PAN’s Strategic Plan and is an important communication tool between PAN and its: members; key allies and partners; people living with HIV and people with people with other lived and living experiences who are actively involved with PAN; and staff, contractors and Board members.

Since we started conducting this survey, the findings have helped us learn how we are meeting the needs of our constituents, with respondents identifying key issues and directions in terms of policy, governance and program needs for PAN to consider. We consider this such an important engagement tool, that when we updated our by-laws in 2018 it became a mandatory, annual requirement for PAN membership.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in these annual surveys. We are grateful for your continued support and participation. The time and energy you invest in completing the survey provides us with valuable feedback, guiding changes and improvement for our programs and services. Moving forward, we will continue to ask you to participate in the survey, as we look for creative ways to increase the response rate and gather more feedback.


Questions? Feedback? Get in touch!
Janice Duddy, Director of Evaluation and Research
[email protected]

A special thank you to Oralia Gómez-Ramírez and PAN’s Evaluation Team for their work on this consolidated report.