T2T study: A focus on peer support among transgender (trans) and gender diverse people

Trans researcher Hannah Kia is an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia’s School of Social Work. Hannah is working with a trans-led Community Advisory Board (CAB) to learn about peer support experiences for trans and gender-diverse people. The research team hopes to better understand the role of peer support in building resilience among TGD people. By peer support, we mean unpaid, nonprofessional psychological and social support that TGD people provide to one another.

The aim of this work is to hear from a diverse range of folks about their experiences of peer support. This includes people of various ages, those who are racialized and/or new to Canada, those living with (dis)abilities, Two-Spirit and Indigenous gender diverse people, folks of varying economic backgrounds, and those with diverse experiences of sexual and romantic attraction, among others. All who are invited for and complete an interview will be compensated with $50 in cash, or a gift card of equal value.

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