Check out our new whiteboard video for the BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index study!

Thanks for checking out our new whiteboard video, “Stigma experiences of people living with HIV in BC”! This whiteboard video was produced so that we could continue sharing findings and engage in knowledge translation for our community-based research study, the BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index. This video will provide a brief overview of the project, as well as some of its initial findings.


The Stigma Index is a community-based research study that is linked to the international People Living with HIV Stigma Index initiative. In our data collection phase, 6 peer research associates surveyed 176 people living with HIV who lived across BC about their experiences of stigma related to living with HIV. Since we initially completed data collection, PAN has been sharing findings from the first phase of the Stigma Index, and is planning a second phase of work on this project.


Thanks for watching our video, and please visit the Stigma Index webpage to find more resources and knowledge translation materials developed out of Stigma Index (including presentation slides, blog posts, webinars, and academic posters). We welcome your feedback, questions, and thoughts about the video, or about the BC Stigma Index project.