HIV-MEDIC Online Project: Seeking Research Participants

Health and social service professionals and community workers who offer services, support and followup to people living with HIV who are on treatment are invited to share this HIV-MEDIC Online Project recruitment information with their clients.

Lifelong optimal adherence to antiretroviral therapy remains a major daily challenge for people living with HIV (PLHIV). Consequently, it is of the utmost importance in our opinion to develop support interventions appropriate for these people. Under the direction of principal investigator José Côté and in collaboration with COCQ-SIDA, our research team has obtained funding from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec-Santé (FRQS) to lead the HIV-MEDIC online project.

What is the HIV-MEDIC online project?

This is a study being conducted entirely online. It aims to evaluate the efficacy of virtual interventions in supporting PLHIV in their antiretroviral medication intake. These interventions are intended to provide this client group with complementary adjunctive support. The interventions are not meant to replace the systematic follow-up provided by health professionals and community workers.

Why should people participate to the HIV-MEDIC online project?

  • To have access to quality information whenever and wherever they need it
  • To receive tips and strategies that will help them better take their HIV meds
  • To find answers to some of their questions about their medications and the side effects
  • To help develop new ways to support people living with HIV

 What does participation to the HIV-MEDIC online project involves?

  • Go to (in French) or (in English) to register for the project
  • Fill out a baseline online questionnaire (about 25 minutes) on a secure website
  • Three and six months after registering for the study, fill out two follow-up online questionnaires on a secure website

Gift certificates will be handed out to participants as a token of our appreciation after having completed the second and third follow-up questionnaires.


For more information on the project and for posters and flyers, please contact one of the two research coordinators:

Patricia Auger, MSc
514-890-8000 ext.17931
[email protected]

Geneviève Rouleau, RN, MSc
514-890-8000 ext.12744
[email protected]