CIHR Funding Opportunities for Research – Winter/Spring 2014

The Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) funds much of the HIV/AIDS related research in Canada, including community based research. Below is a list of upcoming opportunities related to HIV/AIDS. Please visit the CIHR website for a full list of opportunities as some projects may also be able to apply for different funds.

Operating Grant: Winter 2014 Priority Announcement – HIV/AIDS (Deadline March 3, 2014)

The CIHR HIV/AIDS Research Initiative, which is responsible for implementing the research components of the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada and the Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative (CHVI) – will provide funding for applications that have a primary research focus on HIV/AIDS.Research that focuses on key populations identified by the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada is highly encouraged. Key populations include: Aboriginal Peoples; gay, bisexual, two-spirit and other men who have sex with men; women; youth at-risk; people who use drugs; people in prison; people living with HIV/AIDS; and people from countries where HIV is endemic.

Catalyst Grant: HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research (Deadline April 15, 2014)

The CIHR HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research (CBR) Program assists community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations and institutions in developing the knowledge necessary to carry out their HIV/AIDS work in the most effective manner, and in creating expertise within these communities to conduct their own research. The aim of this Catalyst Grant is to provide seed money, on a short-term basis, to support health research activities which represent a first step towards the pursuit of more comprehensive funding opportunities (e.g., operating grants). This funding opportunity “Catalyst Grant: HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research” is offered through the HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research Program and is in partnership with the CIHR Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health. As with all opportunities offered through the Community-Based Research Program, funding for this opportunity is available in two distinct funding streams: Aboriginal and General.

Knowledge Synthesis Grant (Deadline April 1, 2014)

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support teams of researchers and knowledge users to produce knowledge syntheses and scoping reviews that will contribute to the use of synthesized evidence in decision-making and practice.

Planning and Dissemination Grants: Institute Community Support (Deadline February 18, 2014)

The specific objective of this funding opportunity is to provide support for planning and dissemination activities, partnership development and/or increasing the team’s understanding of the health research landscape that will contribute to the advancement of research consistent with the mandate of CIHR.


If you would like more information on how to prepare grant proposals or to develop research projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Janice Duddy at [email protected]