CHIWOS study hiring peer research associates







JOB TITLE: Peer Research Associate (PRA) (*Up to 2 Positions Available*)

JOB DEFINITION: PRAs are women living with HIV who are hired and trained as researchers on our core study team, and who have experiences and identities in common with the study participants that they will recruit and interview.

JOB TYPE: Part-time (3-10 hours per week from February 2013-April 2015, with hours varying by week)

JOB LOCATION: PRAs will be based in or around Vancouver and Kelowna. Please note that the Vancouver position is  reserved for a woman identifying as African, Caribbean, or Black Canadian (ACB).

Reports To: Dr. Angela Kaida, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC


The Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study (CHIWOS) is a 5-year, women-centred, community-based research project. It brings together researchers, clinicians, community partners, and women living with HIV from across Canada with the goal of improving the care available to women living with HIV in Canada. CHIWOS study objectives are to investigate whether women are using women-centred care, and to learn about whether women-centred care improves sexual, reproductive, emotional, and women’s health outcomes. The CHIWOS study was launched on October 1st, 2013, with plans to enroll 350 women living with HIV from across British Columbia.


We would like to hire an additional 2 PRAs, who will join our existing PRA team. PRAs will interview study participants using a computer-based survey. The survey will include questions about use of women-centred care and sexual, reproductive, emotional, and women’s health. The 2 PRAs hired will be based in or around Vancouver and Kelowna, and will conduct interviews with women in their region.

All PRAs will receive and must complete a multi-phase PRA training session. This will include intensive training in research methods, privacy and confidentiality, administering interviews, the CHIWOS survey, computer literacy, participant support, and self care. After training, PRAs will be responsible for administering 15-75 surveys with participants over a 12-month period. Further details of duties and responsibilities are described below.

Women living with HIV from traditionally marginalized or silenced communities are strongly encouraged to apply, including racialized and Aboriginal women; lesbian, bi, and transgendered women; women engaged in sex work; and other women from groups who have been historically under-represented in health research.

Deadline for applications is Friday January 31st 2014.