Sage Advice: Evaluation Do’s and Don’ts for Program Managers

Are you a program manger looking for some straightforward advice on program evaluation? Kylie Hutchinson, Principal Consultant of Community Solutions provides you with just that in her article, “Evaluation Do’s and Don’ts for Program Managers”. Kylie’s advice is practical and useful, as it is informed by her vast experience working with non-profit organizations on program planning and evaluation, both locally and globally. Here is a quick peak at her personal list of evaluation do’s and don’ts that will make evaluation a more effective process for program managers:

  • don’t think evaluation is only for your funder
  • don’t get overwhelmed by evaluation terminology
  • do plan for evaluation at the beginning of a program
  • do educate your staff on evaluation
  • do be diligent in collecting baseline data
  • do resource evaluation properly
  • don’t assume you need to hire a consultant
  • don’t wait until the last minute to hire an evaluation consultant
  • don’t let the final report sit on a shelf

These evaluation do’s and dont’s are described in detail in an article that is free to access here.

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Elayne Vlahaki, MPH
Program Manager
BC HIV/HCV Evaluation Advisory Group