Pacific Hepatitis C Network: Understanding Sofosbuvir

This is an exciting time in the evolution of HCV treatment in Canada.  New approved treatment in the near future will offer patients the opportunity to achieve the highest SVR and cure.  The hope is that the new drug Sofosbuvir will meet many current unmet needs and provide patients with the confidence to seek treatment and go on to live hepatitis C-free lives.

Sofosbuvir is just entering the Health Canada approval process.  We will be sending a survey link out at the beginning of next week to gather your input into PHCN’s patient submission to the Common Drug Review process.  We will repeat this when the drug is being reviewed by BC for getting covered by Pharmacare and then available to patients.

Please find below the instructions to access the webinar, which will be available for approximately three weeks (toOctober 23).   The recording has both the audio and slide show components.

Playback instructions for the Sofosbuvir Education Webinar with Dr. Paul Marotta

1.  Click this link
2.  Enter your name, email address, phone number and company name in the spaces provided.|
3.  Press “Submit” to be connected.


Be in touch with Deb at [email protected] or 604 886 9539 with any questions