‘Living with the Dragon for people with hepatitis C’ survey

The Pacific Hepatitis C Network is a provincial network giving voice to people living with and at-risk for getting hepatitis C, joined by those affected by and concerned about hepatitis C.

If you are a person in BC living with hepatitis C our ‘Living with the Dragon for people with hepatitis C’ survey is for you.  If you know someone living with hepatitis C, please give them this link and support them to complete the survey.

We are looking for input from people with hep C about our core program of supporting people to learn and work together on issues and topics they have in common, to make things better for all people who live with or who are at-risk for hepatitis C.

To that end, this survey asks: What do you want to learn about? What does ‘network’ and ‘networking’ mean to you? What concerns you most about hepatitis C?  What kind of technology can you or would you use for communicating across distance (i.e. skype, internet, teleconference)? What makes it easy or hard to use technology?

The survey also asks about you and your health, your health care and your experiences relating to hepatitis C.  Please note: your input will be anonymous and confidential.  All the responses will be put together (aggregated), with no names or other identifying information attached.  You can give us your name and/or other information if you would like to be listed in the ‘Credits’ section of the report for this project, if you want.

Here it the link to the survey

Here is the link to the form if you would like to be listed in the ‘Credit’ section of the report.

If you would like help answering the survey, or if you have any questions about this survey or how we will use the information we gather, please be in touch with Deb at d[email protected] or by phone at  604 886 9539 or 604 740 1092.

We thank you all for your time and the information and knowledge you share with us in this survey.  If you decide this survey isn’t for you, thank you for considering it.

Feel free to pass this survey along to anyone in BC who might be interested.

Very best wishes,


Deb Schmitz,
Executive Director
O2I Community Readiness Project Coordinator
Pacific Hepatitis C Network