Engaging Stakeholders More Effectively in Evaluation

This week I would like to share some words of wisdom from a consulting firm called FSG that focuses on research and evaluation of social service programs. FSG consultant Aimee White confesses that involving stakeholders in evaluation processes can be challenging. “Deciding who should be involved and at what stage creates complexity in evaluation planning and the more stakeholders included, the more challenging the work becomes! Now imagine working with populations living on the margins, those whose voices are often undervalued and the challenge just grew. Even though it might be challenging, authentic and meaningful engagement of key stakeholders in the design of the evaluation questions, and subsequent processes, makes for a more meaningful, relevant, and actionable evaluation overall.” As White argues, engaging stakeholders is well worth the challenge. For more information on how to engage stakeholders in your evaluation work, take a look at the resource  “A Practical Guide for Engaging Stakeholders in Developing Evaluation Questions”, created by Hallie Preskill and Nathalie Jones of FSG.

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Elayne Vlahaki, MPH
Program Manager
BC HIV/HCV Evaluation Advisory Group