30 years of AIDS Vancouver – We want to hear your story

AIDS Vancouver LogoAIDS Vancouver’s 30 year anniversary in the summer of 2013 is fast approaching. The team from Be the Change Group Inc., has been contracted to help showcase the incredible 30 year journey of AIDS Vancouver and the HIV/AIDS movement in Vancouver.  We aim to celebrate and remember AIDS Vancouver’s work, from its roundtable inception as the first AIDS Service Organization in Canada to its evolving services that strive to meet the needs of people infected and affected by HIV today.

Part of the complex process of piecing together such a dynamic history is to gather wisdom from as many individuals like you, who have been involved in the response to the HIV epidemic in Vancouver. We want to hear your stories and the stories of those we have lost. We hope that in taking an inclusive approach to gathering voices from all those active throughout this 30 year history, we will be able to construct a more complete picture of our united efforts.

Our information and story gathering will culminate into a website and video campaign that will highlight the past 30 years of the epidemic locally and celebrate the work and continued dedication of AIDS Vancouver. A public resource of this type has never been available locally, and will hopefully be something that can be a teaching tool and a source of honoring all of us and all those before us.

With your help, we ask that you complete this short, seven question survey. The survey can be found here!

Should you have any questions, concerns or follow-up, please do not hesitate to contact us.  PLEASE be sure to share this with your community as well.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your stories with us. We hope this will be reflected in an inspiring legacy left for future champions of the HIV/AIDS movement.