Measuring Up: Evaluating HIV/AIDS Advocacy Efforts

There is a wide range of evidence demonstrating the positive changes HIV advocacy efforts have been able to bring about. The tricky part is designing and implementing an evaluation that will allow your organization to illustrate the value of such work. International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) have created a guide book, Measuring Up: HIV-Related Advocacy Evaluation Training for Civil Society Organizations, that will help you evaluate your community-based organizations’ advocacy efforts.

More specifically, the guides aims to:

  1. help users to identify and confront the challenges faced by community-based organisations evaluating HIV-related advocacy;
  2. introduce new thinking for designing advocacy evaluations;
  3. give users the opportunity to apply some aspects of the evaluation design process to their specific contexts;
  4. and make users aware that advocacy evaluation is a fast-growing and evolving field, with a large number of publications on advocacy evaluation design, approaches, and methods available via the internet and summarised in the resources section of the learner’s guide.

Learn more about this guide and evaluating your advocacy work here.

Elayne Vlahaki, MPH
Program Manager
BC HIV/HCV Evaluation Advisory Group