Call for Abstracts: Beyond Failure Symposium

Beyond Failure!
Thinking Critically About HIV Prevention, Research and Services

Concordia University, Montreal – May 16 – 17th, 2013

A symposium devoted to thinking through the moments that we have failed in the field of HIV prevention, research, and services.

The AIDS industry is built on a logic of promoting success. As AIDS researchers we often jockey for money, arguing that our research will successfully inform services. As service providers, we promise to lower rates of infection. However, this logic of success creates limited opportunities for us to think through our individual and collective failures.

We want to hear about what hasn’t worked. We want to think through the limits of the systems and structures of research and services that need to be changed. We want to speak about our mistakes and learn from them. We want to move beyond failure!

Send in Your Abstract!

What to submit:

  • Abstract/summary of what aspect of failure you would like to address (250 words)
  • Up to five key words that would define your general area of interest (for example, prevention services, treatment issues, community advocacy, research funding, etc.).
  • Brief bio (50-100 words) outlining your various affiliations in this epidemic (for example, graduate student, independent researcher, activist, community service worker, etc.)

Deadline: December 5, 2012
Submit abstracts (1 page, 250 words) to [email protected].

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