Mental Health Training Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who completed the on-line mental health survey over the past several weeks. Your input was very helpful in determining the most relevant and timely topics to further develop. Given that our resources are limited, we wanted to prioritize the topics that you’ve identified over the past several years as topic areas in which you would like more information.

 The Survey:

The survey asked respondents to identify the topics they were interested in learning more about. The topics are clustered across 3 themes. Please see the graphs below for the results:

The Findings:

Burning topics on mental health knowledge and awareness:

1. HIV/HCV and cognition

2. Severe mental illness

3. Concurrent disorders

Burning topics on therapeutic strategies:

1. Trauma and grief

2. Addictions, substance use and trauma

3. Self-healing/ Self-empowerment

Burning topics on organizational capacity:

1. Staff burnout/self care

The rest of the topics scored relatively low comparatively.


Priority Topics:

And overall, the highest rated topics are:

1. Trauma and grief (87.5%)

2. Addictions, substance use and trauma (87.5%)

3. Self-healing/ self-empowerment (75%)

 4. HIV/HCV and cognition (75%)

 What’s next:

We will be bringing these findings to the Mental Health, Substance Use and HIV/HCV Advisory Committee to get feedback and input into developing these and other topics for PAN. In the meantime, I will be working with Stacy to develop some related webinars.

If you have expertise in these areas or know someone who does, please contact me by phone or email- I would love to hear from you!


Many Thanks!

Questions or comments?  Please email: [email protected]

Carlene Dingwall (BA, M.Ed, PhD Candidate)

Mental Health, Substance Use and HIV/HCV Initiative 

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