Guest Blog: Kylie Hutchinson – Consultant

My name is Kylie Hutchinson.  I work within the field of evaluation as a consultant, trainer, and coach.  For seven years I taught the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Essential Skills Series in BC, and I Twitter occasionally on evaluation related topics at @EvaluationMaven.  I’m also the author of the original Outcomes for BC Working Group needs assessment back in 2008.

I’ve been asked by the good folks at PAN to submit a guest post on creating a culture of evaluation.  Several years ago I had the opportunity in one of my Essential Skills Series classes to brainstorm ideas in this area.    I took those ideas and expanded on them significantly to create a list of 30 Ways To Build a Culture of Evaluation.  You can find it on my Resources page here.  There is a space on the page for comments, let me know what you think , or if you have any others you would add.