Regional Training in the North: June 2018





We are pleased to announce a regionally focused training that will take place June 5 – 6, 2018 in Prince George. We are working in partnership with Northern Health on this event.

Deadline for applications was Tuesday May 1st at 4 PM.  If you would like more information, please contact Stacy Leblanc or Janet Madsen.

If you’re not attending this training, watch for updates on Twitter with this tag: #PANintheNorth18

General Information for Registrants

This training is open to people working in the Northern Health Region. PAN member agencies and Northern HIV and HCV Network funded organizations may apply to attend the training. We hope to  accommodate as many people as possible that wish to attend and will work with agencies to support them as best we can. All applications will be reviewed after the deadline; the most important thing is to apply as soon as possible. Each individual wishing to attend the training is required to complete a separate registration form.

Space for this special event is limited and resources are finite.  We therefore sincerely thank you in advance for respecting this and remind you that through the act of submitting your application, and should your application be accepted, that you are agreeing to attend the entirety of all seminars, workshops, presentations, and other events that are part of the program.


Program (Subject to Change)

Day 1: Currently in development

Day 2: Resisting Burnout & Responding to the Darkness in Our Work with Vikki Reynolds

This invigorating and powerful workshop offers an alternative approach to the notion of worker burnout. Those working with people struggling with poverty, violence and oppression are often told that they will “burn out”. Contrary to this is the story of sustainability; how our collective work sustains us, nourishes our hope, invites us to honour the resistance and strength we witness in the people we work alongside, and allows us to work congruently with our ethics.

Vikki will also lay some groundwork for understanding responses to loss and hardship in our work from a place that holds the dignity and respect for workers and the people we serve. This experiential workshop will address our collective ethics and practices of Collective Care as opposed to self-care. Workers will be invited to begin to build their own “Solidarity Team”; examining who stands alongside them, what ideas and practices sustain them, and how they might access support when burnout arises. We’ll also consider Holding on and Letting Go, strategies for honouring clients’ lives and our own best work held in a tension alongside the pain of loss.



Registration and Event Meals Sponsorship

All participants will be provided with free event registration and a light breakfast and lunch on each of the two days of the event.  All other meal and incidental costs are the responsibility of the individual or their agency. In exchange for this free registration we ask that all training participants agree to complete post event evaluations (one at the end of the training itself and a follow-up survey 3-6 months following the event).


Cancellation, Changes and No-Show Policy

All participants are responsible for notifying administrative staff (contact information available at the end of this page) of any cancellations within 5 business days of their scheduled arrival in order to avoid accommodation, and conference food and beverage, billing for non-attendance. In the event that a person does not arrive at the training hotel for this training (a no-show) PAN will invoice the delegate for accommodation costs (where applicable) and a registration fee to cover program, venue and meal costs. Deadline to make changes or withdraw is May 29, 2018.

Failure to honour this agreement may result in your agency or organization being unable to register for future events. 


Travel and Accommodation

PAN is able to provide a limited number of travel and shared accommodation subsidies where required. Resources are finite so travel arrangements will be done on a delegate-by-delegate and agency-by-agency basis.

Rooms have been made available at the Coast Inn of the North in Prince George. To be considered for a subsidy, registrants must submit the required travel/ accommodation application information, via the online application form, at the time of submission.

Registrants who receive subsidies will be eligible for one room night per day of training, unless you are not able to get back to your home community at the end of the session and in that case we will provide an additional night of accommodation. There will be no charge for shared rooms but a request for a single room will incur a charge of $90 per night. You will be invoiced in advance of the training. This information is available on application.

Car and Bus Expense and Reimbursement information for successful subsidy applicants:
PAN will reimburse accepted applicant’s mileage at $0.48 per kilometer, but only to the equivalent cost of an economy fare flight from that community (if applicable).

If you are travelling by Greyhound Bus, or similar, we will also reimburse these expenses. Please note that travel receipts and boarding passes, where available, will be required with your reimbursement submission.

  • Costs for cancelled or altered airfares/bus will not be reimbursed.
  • Delegates must request reimbursement forms at the registration desk onsite .
  • Expense claims received after 14 days WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.