Register for the BC Community-Based Research Quarterly Meeting at CAHR 2018


The BC Community-Based Research Meetings (referred to as the CBR Quarterly Meetings hereon) serve as a community of practice that gathers approximately four times a year to share learnings, challenges and best practices related to community-based research, evaluation and knowledge translation/sharing initiatives. A number of diverse community members and researchers, community-based organizations, students and academic researchers interested in and engaged with community-based research attend and participate in these meetings.


Event Description

We would like to hold a demo participant-observation CBR Quarterly Meeting as a CAHR 2018 ancillary event, where CAHR attendees are welcome to join as active participants or as passive observers. There will also be a dedicated time for networking during the meeting.


Learning objectives for this ancillary event:

  • To explore the positive impacts that CBR has had on community-based organizations, to discuss what is working in CBR, and what CBR looks like for different groups involved in research and service delivery related to HIV and hepatitis C.
  • To inspire others beyond the BC CBR Quarterly Group to think about the value of collaborative spaces and communities of practice for 1) improving the usefulness of research for community, and 2) the uptake and integration of research findings into practice.
  • To embody the principles of GIPA and MIPA within our research.

Photo Release

We will be asking participants to sign photo release forms at the event, so that if we take any photos of the event we may have your permission to post the images on our website, in promotional material and / or for reporting purposes. Please indicate below if you will NOT be signing the waiver so that we can have a name tag that indicates that you do not consent to have your photo taken.
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