Safer Supply through Compassion Clubs with Guy Felicella of BCCSU

This session in our PAN Presents webinar series concentrates on alternative models of safer supply, something that stirred up interest during the October 2021 webinar with the BCCSU. Guy Felicella expands on his statement “We need to meet substance users where they’re at, and not the medical system. Heroin co-op’s and/or compassion clubs would give substance users are real choice at improving the quality of their lives.” A Q&A followed the presentation.


Suggested audience:

  • People who use drugs and members of their communities
  • Frontline workers providing support in HIV, hepatitis C and/or harm reduction
  • Peer support workers
  • Executive Directors and program managers
  • Social service and healthcare providers
  • People working in policy and public health
  • Allies and community members



Guy Felicella is a Peer Clinical Advisor at the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU). Guy spent years in the grips of addiction and now dedicates his career and personal passion to advocating for harm reduction and removing the stigma against addiction and substance users. In addition to his career with the BCCSU, Guy commits his time to public speaking at conferences, seminars, summits, schools, podcasts, documentaries and written articles. He educates the public and students on safer supply of drugs, decriminalization, harm reduction and treatment options. Guy is pushing barriers to address the current overdose crisis and addressing the truth behind the toxic drug supply.